Fraunhofer, the German research institute, has been awarded two new FP7 security research contracts.  The first project, which has the acronym RAPTOR, is entitled “Rapid deployable, gas generator assisted inflatable mobile security kits for ballistic protection of European civilians against crime and terrorist attacks”.  According to the information provided by the European Commission:

Depending on the scope, (e.g. the prevention of, or the response to, security scenarios by European security forces, such as protection of special persons or general security of events) tailored solutions are to be developed, including inflatable ballistic structures for the protection of:
– individuals, or of two to five persons, (carried in back-pack, brief case, trolley, or suitcase based mobile security kits)
– general security of events, (transported in car boot, or pick-up truck based, inflatable ballistic tents, curtains, fences, or even red carpet” tunnels).

The EU has provided two million Euros to the four year project. Partners in the RAPTOR project include the Czech firm Explosia a.s. (a “production and trading company operating primarily in the field of production of explosives and services associated with application of energetic materials for commercial as well as military use”) and the German Bundeskriminalamt (Federal police).

The second project, EMILI ( Emergency Management in Large Infrastructures ), concerns “a new generation of data management and control systems for large Infrastructures” such as “power grids and telecommunication systems, airports and railway systems, oil and gas pipelines”. EMILI is a three year project with a budget of 3.13 million Euros.