Great article from Wilmer Heck at NRC Hannesblad examining the ADABTS project (Automatic Detection of Abnormal Behaviour and Threats in Crowded Spaces) and some of the concerns set out in the NeoConOpticon report.

In response, defence expert Ko Colijn says the alarming tone of Hayes’ report is “a bit exaggerated”. Colijn points out that the EU does not have the authority to create a “well-oiled Orwellian society” even if it wanted to. It will be up to the individual member states to decide what is implemented. “Many projects will fall by the leeway.”

Which begs the question: “why throw €1.4 billion at them in the first place?”

Der Spiegel and the BBC’s European Press Review also carried the story, while NRC had a two page feature in their news supplement which will be posted here later.